Frequently asked questions

Le Rodeo is an Indoor/Outdoor Food Truck Hall, Market, Bar, and Gathering Place. The Food Truck Hall will be located in a prime location in the Raleigh-Durham area.

“It’s a Gathering Everyday”

Our mission is to provide a gathering place where several Food Trucks can connect and build a long-standing relationship with their customers, whilst we provide a place for communities to connect through the love of food. We do this by offering a hub for Local and Inter-State Food Trucks to serve the local community and their customers (our guests) authentic burst of flavors and the diversity they provide. With a 15-hours opening time, Le Rodeo provides the opportunity for Food Trucks to book a 4.5-hours slot to serve their customers with either Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Deserts. With 3 Food Trucks per 4.5-hours slots for customers to choose from, they will be spoilt with options for a quick stop on the way to work, chill night out with friends and family, or an intimate celebration with loved ones without the hassle of waiting outside in line in harsh weather conditions. Yes! That’s right, our customers can visit each Food Truck window from the inside. Think of it this way, the foodies on the inside, the Food Trucks on the outside.

Yes it is! Le Rodeo will have an outside patio with access to our bar. Please note that all are welcome! But in order to be served with alcoholic beverages, our guests must provide a valid 21+ photo ID. Please also note that pets are only permitted to the patio and not inside the Food Truck Hall for health and safety reasons.

We have a few locations in mind, stay tuned for more updates.

All potential food trucks and vendors can apply through our website www.lerodeo.com/apply. You will be prompted to answer a number of questions pertaining to your business. Once submitted, a member of our sales team will contact you directly within 2 business days to set up an in-person meeting in which we will discuss your business idea, and determine if Le Rodeo is the best fit for your food truck and/or business. Furthermore, interviews and potential tastings will be arranged. Le Rodeo reviews all potential applicants and make determinations as to ensure a vibrant, non-repetitive and all-encompassing line-up of unique businesses and start-ups for a projected opening in Summer 2020.  The success of the Food Truck Hall hinges on the synergy of a carefully curated, diverse line-up of Food Trucks.

Le Rodeo will have a custom designed access port that will accommodate up to any size/shaped food truck, and you will have access to ordering your food from the inside.

Le Rodeo does not provide a storage area for Food Truck operators and/or vendors.

Le Rodeo Food Truck Hall provides trash handling facility on site.  In addition, we provide staffing to keep our common areas clean and accessible.  Each food truck operator will be responsible for and expected to maintain their food trucks with a high level of cleanliness and is subjected to be inspected upon arrival.  Additionally, each food truck operator will secure their own Wake County Health Permit, if applicable, and will be required to maintain certain scores dictated in the contract agreement.  There will be a recycling area in the main trash handling area.  Le Rodeo will manage all waste removal from that common waste area. However, all Food Trucks and Vendors are responsible of safely disposing waste products in the allocated area. Disposal of waste products on any other part of Le Rodeo premises or our neighbor’s premises will result in a $500 fine.

There are a variety of contract terms to consider. The various contract options will be discussed individually with potential food truck operators and vendors during the application process.  Our contracts are inclusive of utilities, and building insurance for the length of time slots purchased.

The license for beer/fortified wine will be held by Le Rodeo, LLC.  Food truck operators are not permitted to sell or serve alcohol on Le Rodeo premises.  Food truck operators are welcome to sell non-alcoholic beverages on Le Rodeo premises to our guests.

Le Rodeo Food Truck Hall has a team of Events, Marketing and Promotion experts. Their focus is marketing our brand, promoting our clients (food truck operators and vendors), and booking events from private functions, to live music shows geared at entertaining our guests at Le Rodeo Food Truck Hall.