"It's A Gathering Everyday"

Le Rodeo

The first Food Truck Hall of its kind

Location is everything

The home of the best food trucks!

Who we are

Le Rodeo is the first Food Truck Hall in the USA that merged both the Food Hall concept with the mobile food trucks trend.

Why we are

Le Rodeo exist because of the amazing food trucks that we are partnered with, alongside the customers who love trying new burst of flavors.

Where we are

Le Rodeo is located in a prime location in the Raleigh-Durham area, and we are excited to serve you.

How it started

Le Rodeo was inspired by the passion for great tasting food, new experiences, and the art of culture and diversity mobile food trucks provide.

Quote of the month

“I learned that Courage was NOT the absence of Fear, but the Triumph over it. A brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who Conquers that Fear” – Nelson Mandela

Your Journey Begins Here

Are you a Food Truck or a Vendor looking to connect with potential clients at Le Rodeo? If yes,  please click the application option below that applies to you. For additional information, please visit our FAQ section.

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